1999 - Oak Hill C
2003 - Way to Play B
vs. Clown Punchers -- L 6-3
vs. Team Dynamo -- W 6-3
vs. Smurfs -- W 1-0 (FFT)
vs. Nuggets -- L 8-1
vs. Beast -- W 7-6 (OT)
vs. Clown Punchers-- W 7-3
vs. Top Shooters -- W 5-3
vs. Moose -- L 7-10
vs. Smurfs -- W 8-0 (FFT)
vs. Team Dynamo -- W-6-1



AP) All-American Sports Mall -- Bad news. Well, once again, All-American has screwed with our schedule.

We are no longer playing our playoff games on Sunday, July 16th. They have pushed back our playoff games all the way to Sunday, July 30th.

What a joke.

As of right now, the 2nd place Snakes on a Plane hockey club is scheduled to play their first playoff game at 2pm on Sunday, July 30th vs. the 3rd place Top Shooters (a team we beat 5-3 during the season). If/when the SOAP team wins their first game, they will play again...5 minutes 3pm (another joke). Even Oak Hill gave you 30 minutes between the two rounds of playoffs.

This 10 game session plus playoffs that was supposed to finish up in 12 or 13 weeks because of July 4th and whatnot, will be 19 weeks old when the playoffs finally get here. 19 weeks.

Worse news: As of right now, we have a couple guys who can't make the playoffs on the 30th because All-American pushed our games back yet again this session.

I wrote an email to Justin at All-American and I asked for a response. If I don't get one in a couple days, I'll be calling them and bitching someone out. I asked them to reschedule the playoffs at a time that is good for all four teams. I think that is the least they can do after the way they have jerked us around this session. It's ridiculous how we have been treated. We'll see what they say.

If you would like to voice your displeasure, I highly recommend everyone contact them. The more people that complain, the better.

This is their contact info:

Justin Maroon (he handles the scheduling)
All-American Phone #: (314) 487-4625


(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- Here it is, the long awaited rematch from week #2. For those who may have forgotten, it was during week #2 that Team Dynamo's goalie went ballistic and charged after SOAP forwards Andy Stehl and Chris Schmieder...landing a couple punches on Schmeed. Andy and Chris would have their revenge in this game though as they scored five of the Snakes six goals and padded their stats in the last game of the season.

This game picked up right where the first one left off. SOAP dominated play, only to see Team Dynamo's goalie keep them in the game. The first shift of the game saw the Snakes own the puck for nearly the entire shift...until the end of the shift when Dynamo came in on a breakaway that was turned aside by SOAP goalie, Jeff Price....

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06.29.06 NO GAMES JULY 2ND

(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- I just spoke with Justin at All-American. He informed me that there are NO GAMES ON JULY 2nd....which contradicts what I was told earlier this week.

Our next game is July 9th @ 3:30pm vs. Team Dynamo. This is our last game of the season. Playoffs start July 16th and they last one day only.

Some of us are playing at the Edwardsville YMCA on Sunday the 2nd from 7am - 9am. It usually costs anywhere from $6-$10 depending on how many people we get. So if you guys feel like getting up early, it's a lot of fun.


(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- The Psychadelic Smurfs didn't show up...again. They dropped out of the league so that gives Snakes on a Plane a forfeit win of 8-0.

SOAP is now 6-3-0 with one game remaining before playoffs.


(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- High scoring SOAP forward #16 Andy Stehl was thought to be lost for the season due to the responsibilities of marriage. However, due to the ridiculous length of this season, Stehl now has the necessary free time to join the permanent roster.

Before last week, Stehl had only played in two games while filling in for missing players. Andy had 3 goals and 4 assists in those two games before being held pointless in last week's contest.

Stehl's speed and hands will be a nice addition to a SOAP team that is rounding nicely into form with the playoffs just around the corner.

Since adding #16 to the roster would mean having five forwards and uneven lines up front...SOAP captain, Curt Price, polled the team, asking if they wanted to add Stehl to the permanent roster to finish the season. The vote was a unanimous yes.

vs. Moose UPDATED!

(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- Entering this game, the Snakes on a Plane Roller Hockey Club were playing some very good hockey. They had won three in a row and five of their last six, including handily knocking off a team they had lost to earlier in the year. They had quickly moved up in the standings and were only two points out of first place.

The Moose, on the other hand, were in last place with a record of 1-6-0...the only team they beat was Team Dynamo, who only had four players and haven't won all year, except for one forfeit win. The Moose have also had problems with their players showing up for games and not having a full roster.

When SOAP took the rink, they noticed that not only did the Moose have PLENTY of players for this game, they had a couple guys we hadn't seen before. Hmmm...the same Moose squad that couldn't get players to show up all season long and had only won one game all year, miraculously had a full squad, and then some. And these players looked pretty good.

Go figure. SOAP defenseman Greg Price was quoted as saying, "It reminded me of the championship game in the movie Slapshot."

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vs. Top Shooters (I'll be adding even more photos on Monday...these are just "for now")

(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- After a stupid three week layoff, the Snakes on a Plane Hockey Club picked up right where they left off...playing good hockey.

The S.O.A.P. team (4-2-0, 8pts.) were matched up against the Top Shooters, who were 2 pts ahead of them in the standings (5-1-0, 10pts) and tied for first place in points. Coming into this game, the Top Shooters were leading the league in goals scored with 50 goals in six games...and they had only allowed 30...compared to S.O.A.P.'s 32 goals scored and their league low 26 goals against.

The top offensive team vs. the top defensive team.

1st Period
The Snakes got on the board first. Early in the 1st period, S.O.A.P. defenseman, Bill Day (who owns one of the hardest shots in the league), beat the Top Shooter goalie with a low slapper from the top of the slot.

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(AP) Los Angeles, CA -- S.O.A.P. Hockey team captain, Curt Price, was contacted by Dave Waldon, a writer from California. Mr. Waldon is a writer and is in the process of finishing up a book about the Snakes on a Plane internet phenomenon. Dave stumbled across during his research, and was intrigued by our desire to name our hockey team after an upcoming Samuel L. Jackson movie. That movie has turned into a cult classic flick....and it's not scheduled for release until August.

Dave has asked to be sent some photos of the team in action, along with some thoughts of team members about the Snakes on a Plane phenomenon and our desire to engulf our hockey team in that phenomenon 100% by taking on the identity that is, Snakes on a Plane.

Of course, nothing is definate. Mr. Waldon may decide not to include us in his book, and that would be ok. We'll just see where this goes, but if we do end up getting a mention in his book, that's pretty freakin' cool.

Mr. Waldon's book is scheduled to be releasted in August of this year.

Stay tuned to this site for more info as it becomes available.

05.07.06 S.O.A.P. KNOCK OUT CLOWN PUNCH, 7-3
Failed 2 on 0 (Greg springs Curt & Luke)
Post, Penalty, PP Goal! (Greg hits the post, Luke draws a penalty, Andy scores on the PP)

(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- The first meeting between the Clown Punchers and S.O.A.P., saw the CP's win 6-3. It was the first game of the season, and S.O.A.P. looked a bit rusty. The rematch in week #6 was a completely different story.

The game was a bit chippy, but still relatively clean.

The first period saw Clown Punch not wanting to play a lick of defense, as S.O.A.P. must have had half a dozen two-on-ones. The Snakes on a Plane Club scored first to go up 1-0 on a goal by Andy Stehl. Clown Punch quickly tied it at 1-1 just a minute later. S.O.A.P. regained the lead later in the 1st period and went up 2-1 to end the first period.

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04.30.06 S.O.A.P. EDGE BEASTS IN OT, 7-6

(AP) All-American Sports Mall -- Coming off a poor effort in week #4, the Snakes on a Plane Roller Hockey Club needed a good effort against the Beasts to try and once again push their record above .500.... and S.O.A.P. got a good effort and downed their long time rivals in OT, 7-6.

#24 Schmeed Shoots and Scores
Watch the video!

Before the game, Ryan Jonson (the yellow-jerseyed forward for the Beasts who looks like Ryan Johnson of the Blues), was overheard saying he was going to score eight goals and take out some of his frustrations in this game by shooting the puck through our goalie and through the net. S.O.A.P. captain, Curt Price, overhead this comment and passed this info along to his netminder, Jeff Price. He thought it was info he would like to hear.

The Beasts jumped out to an early lead. Their first goal came off of a pass to a breaking winger down the right side, who corralled the pass and let a quick shot go from 10 feet out that beat Price between the legs as he slid across. They scored their next goal a few minutes later to go up 2-0.

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Auditions for the movie.
"I'll fight a snake...I don't care."
Flippin' hilarious.
Check it out HERE.

Snakes on CNN
Check it out HERE.


If some of you are not aware of where our team name came is some info for you to read up on:

Official website: CLICK HERE

See a teaser trailer for the movie: CLICK HERE

Snakes on a Wikipedia: CLICK HERE

Screen shots & synopsis: CLICK HERE

Snakes on a blog: CLICK HERE


After a 1 1/2 year-long hiatus, most of the old Hometown Phone Book/Metro East Moose franchise is back on the rink! But this time, they suit up as "Snakes on a Plane"!

After the Hometown Phone Books folded in late 2001, the Metro East Moose was formed of mostly the same group of guys. The Moose played a couple sessions at Way To Play, winning a championship in a rough league. After Way to Play closed their doors, the Moose disbanded. Some guys "retired" and others played on other teams.

A few of the ex-Moose players played on another team called the "Moose"...four of the players from the original Moose team participated in this bizarro world Moose team.

Last season, a few of the players of this new Moose team (and former members of the original Moose team) defected and formed Team Cobra.

Team Cobra actually played against the 2nd generation Moose team last season. Team Cobra won this civil war-like epic clash of former teammates. But it was one of the few bright spots for them as they struggled to play an all around game for most of the season. So after a disappointing (but fun) season, now most of the original Metro East Moose team is back together, playing under the name: Snakes on a Plane.

S.O.A.P has a couple of new faces, or faces in different places than in previous years. Here's how "The Team" was put back together:

AQUISITIONS (from Team Cobra) :
Curt Price returns as captain and forward.
Jeff "The Aussie" Foster and Greg "Inks Kick" Price will be on defense.
Luke Naliborski was called up from the Edwardsville YMCA League midway through last season and will remain on offense.
JC Wilson was recruited to help man the blue line.

AQUISITIONS (from The 2nd Generation Moose) :
Pat "Big Game" Peterson returns on offense.
Bill "Big Shot" Day returns on defense.

AQUISITIONS (signed out of retirement) :
Chris "The Steed" Schmieder returns on offense.
Long time franchise defenseman and all time stitches leader, Jeff "Meathook" Price, will man the pipes.

Bob Powers will fill the role as an emergency sub.
Tom Gibbons will backup Jeff Price in net.

High scoring forward, Andy Stehl, will not participate this season as he is taking some time off from hockey.

The franchise is looking to add a 3rd championship to it's resume.